7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Seriously though. Why stress worrying about all of the details of your wedding day when you can hire a planner to do the stressing for you? There are some people who realize off the bat, they have NO idea how to plan a wedding. Then there are the vast majority that become engaged, get REALLY excited about planning their wedding, and half way through they are ripping their hair out because they cannot keep up with everything. Don’t get me wrong, planning a wedding is a lot of fun. That is why I do it for a living. However, trying to keep all of the minor details straight, such as vendor meetings, vendor information, etc, is enough to drive a person mental. If you are still not convinced as to why you should hire a planner, here is a little list of reasons why hiring a planner will be the best thing for you and your fiance.

First and foremost, we take care of ALL of your wedding details.

What is nice about your family and friends coming together for your special day, is that EVERYONE and their mother will offer to help you with something. However, why burden your guests and loved ones with the head ache of setting everything up and the pressure of putting your dream wedding together so you do not have to? Just like you, your friends and family should enjoy your special day with you. Feel free to give them little things to day, such as taking your gifts to your home after, or bringing you lunch while you get ready.

2. We know reputable vendors.

Sticker prices tend to scare people away almost instantly, which is why most people think they cannot afford a wedding planner to assist them. However, what MANY people do not know is that, planners generally receive discounts with their preferred vendors or know where to save you money. Which leads me to the next reason…

3. We design your budget and make sure that you stick to it.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons you should hire a planner. We know what areas to cut out and where to save you money. We are your voice of reason when it comes to planning the wedding day of your dreams and sticking to your budget. As a planner, we can find amazing alternatives to what you are looking for without breaking the bank.

4. We are more than just your wedding planner.

We are also a mediator, psychologist, voice of reason, personal assistant, shoulder to cry on anhd even an outlet for all of your wedding planning emotions. Trust me there will be ALOT of different emotions that you will experience throughout this process.

5. Because venue coordinators & wedding planners/coordinators are NOT the same thing.

I will be touching on this in a completely different article, because I cannot begin to tell you how many bridal couples say “oh we have a coordinator with our venue, but thanks anyways.” That’s all fine and dandy, but what they don’t realize is that a venue coordinator and wedding planner are two completely different roles. I will explain this in more detail in my next post.

6. We schedule all of your appointments and consultations with vendors, venues and service providers.

This is where the “personal assistant” role comes into play. Yes I stated earlier that planners have what is called a preferred vendors list, which is a fancy way of saying a list of vendors that we have personally worked with and know are reputable. However, just because I like those vendors and they are my preferred vendors, that doesn’t mean the bridal couple will feel the same way. So, we set up consultations with these vendors to see if the couple believes they are a right fit for them.

7. We know what should or should not be included in vendor services.

Unfortunately there are vendors out there that will sweet talk their way into doing your wedding. Without a professional sitting there, they can tell you all day long that their packages include so much more than their competitors. Having a wedding planner there at a meeting with you, we can tell you whether the vendor is blowing smoke or if what they are selling you is legit.

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun. It truly is. However, it also comes with a lot of stress. Especially when you are juggling a full time job and a life outside of that. Hiring a wedding planner can allow you to have a life outside of planning your wedding while still enjoying the planning process. Even if you love the whole planning process, then at least consider having someone for the day of so you and your loved ones do not have to worry about a thing.

Let’s get some feedback from you!

For those of you who have had planners for day of or full planning, what was your favorite thing about hiring someone to help?

For those of you who did not or think that you do not need one, what was your reason for not hiring a planner?

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