5 Must Dos After Getting Engaged!

1. Tell your loved ones ASAP!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS! This is the start to a very exciting new adventure in your life. Although the whole planning process is very exciting, it is also very overwhelming. Which is why the minute you become engaged, the very first thing you need to do (besides cry, fan girl a little and of course kiss your now fiancé) is tell your families. I cannot tell you how many times unnecessary drama has erupted because the newly engaged couple decided to post their engagement on social media before telling their families. Most of them probably already knew it was going to happen, because hopefully your now fiancé has talked to most of them about it, but your family wants to hear it from YOU. Not via text message or email, but in person or on the phone.

2. Set your budget

The next very important thing to do before you start planning your dream wedding is to figure out what your budget is. Everyone has different ideas of what their dream wedding looks like, but it is also very important to be realistic and think very hard about how much you are willing to spend. You don't want to end up having a caviar expectation on a pizza delivery budget. You will wind up extremely disappointed and we don't want that. So, sit down with your significant other, grab some wine and have a very frank conversation about what you both are willing to spend on your wedding. Also, take into account if any of your family members will be pitching in for anything. This will make a huge difference. Your budget will determine everything, so make sure you and your fiancé are being open and realistic about what you can and cannot afford.

3. Get your ring sized and insured

Now that he's finally put a ring on it, it's time to get that bling sized and insured. In order to take those awesome Instagram photos you've been waiting your whole life for, your new favorite accessory has got to fit perfectly. In case your worst nightmare happens (losing or damaging your ring 😱😰), you want to get that baby insured right away and save yourself from any heart ache.

4. Set your date

This is almost as important as figuring out what your budget is. Although you can decide on the theming and designing of your event without the date, you can't really start hiring vendors or pick a venue until your date is set. So make sure to sit down with your fiancé and figure out what season you'd prefer your wedding to be in and if there is a specific date that is important to you both.

5. Hire a planner

The thing I hear SO frequently is, "Gosh, I really wish I would have hired a wedding planner." A wedding planner can bring all of your dreams to reality and still keep you within your budget. Wedding planners are there to take the stress of planning your wedding off of your shoulders but never out of your hands. Check out my post, Why Hire a Wedding Planner?, to see all of the ways a planner can make your planning process stress free and seamless!

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